Butt-Head Pack Goats
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Butt-Head Pack Goats
PO. Box 333
Rough & Ready CA 95975
Hoof Trimmers
$23.00 ea.

Orange handle clippers. The best clipper for
goat hooves.
*Replacement spring $1.50 ea.

(While supplies lasts)
Goat Weight Tape

Handy tool to have when you need to know
your goats exact weight for giving

(While supplies lasts)
Feeding Syringe

50 cc with metal nozzle. Works well for giving
medication and wormer.

(While supplies lasts)
Mini Goat Feeder

6 quart plastic feeder hooks over a 2 x 4
board or screws down for a permanent
Color: Green

(While supplies lasts)